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Woodworking, attempted suicide and he is blind

Editor’s note: This post discusses anxiety and suicide.

In a humble workshop in Washougal, Washington, a blind craftsman holds a locally harvested log that he has made into a blank with his miter saw. A flick of the switch, an electric buzz, and the lathe rumbles to life, replacing the morning stillness. He carefully..... very carefully measures, cuts, and develops many beautiful works of art. Like many great artists, he already sees the finished creation in his mind. Unlike many great artists, his creation will, for him, forever live in his mind’s eye. For John Furniss, satisfaction comes from the work itself, and knowing his masterpieces will be seen and cherished by others. John is passionate about sharing his story and regularly gives suicide prevention talks at schools, churches, and artist gatherings. “When I reflect back on things,” he says, “I want to tell my younger self it’s not so bad. Tomorrow will come, and things can always change. Also, get help. Whether that means talking to a friend or a professional, just anyone. It’s ok to admit you need help.”

yesterday, I talk to John about his soundtrack of life. From a suicide attempt when he was 16 years old, to learning how to live blind now being inspired to share his works on his website, YouTube and even Tiktok from his early morning tunes and listening to life developed all around him and living my his wisdom: "Be mindful and don't put your finger there, stupid"

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John Furniss Blind Woodsman

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